Face Liveness Detection

Anti-Spoofing Detection ensures that the operator in front of the camera is a live human by facial landmarks localization, face tracking and so on. By means of end-cloud coordination solutions, Anti-Spoofing Detection can reach 99% accuracy, which has intercepted tens of millions of spoofing attack.

  • Highly precise landmarks more than 200 points
  • Real time face tracking
  • Cloud-End two-step verification
  • Tens of millions of attack interception

Face Comparing

Through deep learning-based technology, two images are exactly matched to determine whether they show the same person. Face Comparing can reach 99% accuracy, far exceeds the capabilities of human visual recognition, which can be accurately identified under complicated conditions, such as different lighting conditions, various age groups, whether wearing makeup, wearing glasses or not.

  • Adapt to wearing make-up recognition
  • Spoofing mask attack recognition
  • Applied to all skin color recognition
  • Accuracy higher than human vision