Face Liveness Detection

FaceID’s mature liveness detection ensures that the operator in front of the camera is a live person. It is based on our patent facial landmarks localization and face tracking technology. With Cloud-End solutions, FaceID’s anti-spoofing detection has shown a robust ability in preventing spoofing attack in various scenarios.

  • Highly precise landmarks over 200 points
  • Real-time face tracking
  • Cloud-End two-step verification
  • Tens of millions of attack interception

Face Comparing

FaceID’s deep learning based technology determines whether two images are from the same person. To avoid fraud, face comparing also intercepts spoofing such as mask attack. Our algorithm far exceeds human visual recognition. Moreover, it applies to complicated conditions, well dealt with lighting issues, different age groups, makeup or glasses status.

  • Adapt to make-up or glasses status
  • Spoofing attack recognition
  • All faces and gender
  • Higher accuracy than human vision