FaceID Trusted Identity Verification
and Authentication Solutions

High accuracy · Robust defense

  • Billion requests

  • Robust anti-spoofing

  • Multiple implementations

  • Compliance with GDPR

What We Can Help

FaceID offers C+E identity verification and authentication solutions. Our mission is to let you verify your customer well with industry-leading technology. FaceID’s liveness detection technology ensures a user’s presence behind a transaction, face comparing technology enables a validity check of user‘s true identity, with highly accuracy and excellent performance of anti-spoofing. Just a simple implementation, you can take a step towards a higher level of security!

How It Works

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We Cover These Scenarios Globally

  • Financial services

    User identity verification, prevent identity theft and fraud

  • Payment Service

    Payer identity verification, prevent stolen cards

  • Online Membership Verification

    User identity verification, prevent card fraud

  • Ride Sharing

    Driver and passenger's identity verification, ensure passenger's safety

  • Renting Service

    Renter identity verification, protect homeowner's rights

  • Online Education

    User identity verification, prevent identity theft

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